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Natural care range with Dates

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Natural care

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Soft Shampoo with Dates
$ 20.00(17.23 €)
(-40.00%) $ 12.00(10.34 €)
Nourishing Hair Cream with Dates
$ 15.00(12.92 €)
(-40.00%) $ 9.00(7.75 €)

Our values are written in Dates' genetic code

BA¤DAVIE is a new cosmetic brand bringing together beauty and culture. In fact, Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera Fruit), important emblem of Arab culture, are honored in its Cosmetics Natural care range.
BA¤DAVIE composed by BA¤DA an Arabic word meaning Desert and VIE a French word meaning Life.
Our values are written in Dates' genetic code that represent the heart of the Arab culture and our strong desire to share this Desert's gift for life with the world through beauty and high quality care products. 

DATE Extract

Our Phoenix Dactylifera’ flesh pulp extract are rich in Sugar, Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium. These components contribute to the protection of the natural elasticity of the hair and the regeneration and protection of the epidermis.